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Hello! I had some questions about Country heat price so I thought I would talk about it a little bit to answer those questions.

The Country Heat price is extremely affordable. I was so happy when I saw the price and for everything that I was getting in the country heat package.

When I ordered from the County heat official website it came with much more then I was expecting.

First, it comes with the Country heat program. I got 3 DVDs with 6 workouts on them. What I love about each workout is that they are only 30 minutes long. I’m busy with my job full time and I enjoy being able to be done working out in 30 minutes so that I have the rest of my day to do what I need to get done. When I was going to the gym I would spend at least an hour there and it really cut into my personal free time. Country heat is just dancing. There is no need for any other equipment for the program. Some other home programs out there require you to buy a lot of equipment to be able to do their workouts and that can really add up.

Next, it comes with the eating plan. You get seven color-coded portion control containers. The portion control containers really helped me to get back in control of my diet. I realized that I was eating too much food and the containers really helped me. The meal plan also came with a Shakeology shaker cup. I tried Shakeology and I was really impressed with how it tastes and it allows me to get more fruits and veggies in my diet. Also included in the meal are several delicious, healthy recipes that even my husband enjoyed eating! And an eating plan that I was kind of like a food diary that helped me keep track of everything that I was eating.

Then it also comes with a 30 day calendar. The calendar was extremely helpful in keeping me motivated to finish the program. I never had to guess which workout to complete each day, it was already planned for me. The calendar and the workouts combined made me feel like I was getting a personal trainer.

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On top of all that the Country heat kit from the official website comes with a bonus workout.

The Country heat price from the official website is only three payments of $19.95, which makes a total of $59. When I did the calculations that price was less having a personal trainer for one month! The Country heat price for me was extremely affordable for everything that I got in the program.

Country heat was worth every penny for me. I lost all the weight that I wanted to and had fun while doing it, which I hadn’t before. The other programs that I tried weren’t as fun as Country and they didn’t bring me the results that I wanted. I recommend Country heat for anyone who wants to have fun losing weight. No treadmill or burpees involved!

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