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Hey! Danny here!

This is crazy! I can’t believe how great I feel. I love getting up in the morning feeling refreshed because of the transformation Country Heat helped me through. I feel better. I feel happier, I feel like a better me.

Before I started Country Heat I was a little skeptical. I thought it was a joke. I found people either thought it was going to be a complete flop, a laughing stock, or they were super excited for it to come out.  Some felt embarrassed before they even had it. I was scared someone would see me, or my husband would walk in the room when I was dancing and make that wide eyed face he does. Looking at other Country Heat reviews it seemed others felt the same way. They were nervous but excited. I wanted it to work and so did they.

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I didn’t find a single negative Country Heat review, nor have I since I went through the work out. All everyone has said is positive. They all love it. Anybody who tried it enjoyed it. I found tons of reviews on line, on YouTube, and talking to my workout friends all loving the Country Heat workout plan.

So I decided to take the jump and start my 30-day Country Heat work out. When I got the box I found the Shakeology shake bottle, the portion containers and the meal plan break down inside the video trifold. The instructions for the meal plans were simple and very helpful. I found some country inspired recipes that both me and my husband enjoyed. They are delicious and helped me keep that inspired portion control diet on par.


I was excited to get started! The food was good, the music was great, and I was feeling like a million bucks! The results showed up fast! The first week I lost 5 pounds! I couldn’t believe it! Results in 7 days all with low impact, fun, dance moves! Amazing! I continued to work at it and continued to see results. The moves started getting easier and the training continued to push me.

My problem area was my butt and legs and those were the areas that I saw results in! Plus, my trunk toned up! Some of the Country Heat reviews said they saw similar results and I was so excited to see it in me as well!

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