Country Heat

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Hi! Im Danny!

I wasn’t feeling so hot in my before photo. I felt a little overweight and self-conscious about my body.  But they told me that if I followed the Country Heat program and I follow my nutrition that I would see results.

So I danced, and I danced, and I laughed. At first the moves took me a little to get the hang of but soon I got in the rhythm. The moves are shown to you just before you do them making them easy to follow once it was my turn.

When I took that week one progress photo and I stepped on that scale and saw that I had already lost five pounds, I almost had a heart attack! I was not expecting to see any results, especially not that quick. I was so excited! I told all of my friends and my husband was so excited for me. It was week one and I already felt great! I couldn’t wait to keep going.

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So I kept on dancing. And I kept on that meal plan. The meal plan was the hardest for me. The Country heat meal plan instructions and recipes were simple and easy to follow; it was the discipline that could make or break it. Say no to those donuts on Friday mornings! I knew that if I kept with it I would see results. The week two progress photo came along and I could tell a big difference in my midsection. I was looking more toned, and a lot less flabby. I was very excited about that!

So again I kept on dancing. I didn’t even realize I was working out. I love the music Country Heat played. It was upbeat, make-you-feel-good, fun music.  I was having a good time. Week after week I continued to lose inches.  So I continued to dance. And you know what! I was really really loving every minute of it.

Country Heat turned into a daily habit for me, fast! I was looking forward to getting home and working out. My day ended up being planned around my Country Heat time! I was excited to learn the new moves, show them to my husband and go dancing! I thought it was funny that I would “work out” so I could “go out.” I used some of my newly learned moves and felt confident on the dance floor!

When I completed the program, not only was I blown away by my results, but I was blow away by how much fun I had doing that work out. I was down 7 pounds and 9.5 inches in 30 days.

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